Let The Lion Roar & The Fans Go Wild…

Hello everyone, Thanks for joining me!

I am super excited to start this Singapore-based lifestyle blog site created to share insights & reviews on favourite catch-up topics among local Singaporeans in Starbucks, Toast Box, Coffee Bean etc. Topics like food, fashion, home, health, beauty & other general lifestyle talks.

This is a place where all Lion City Fans can gather to share insights, leave positive helpful comments and feedback and chit-chat.  There will not be ADVERTISEMENT in my blog as I am really turned off by sponsored articles in so many blogger sites nowadays. Most of the stuff these bloggers recommended on their blog sites are highly biased and  “fake” as they are “paid” in a form or another in giving their “review”.

Trust me, I have seen so many of these “sponsored” articles that now I am truly a “PRO” or “Expert” in detecting those “paid sponsored” content.

So be assured, you WILL NOT be spammed here with any sponsors’ content. You could read in peace, knowing that the content here are authentic and not biased or skewed towards “pro-selling” for any company.

Therefore, I hope you are as excited as me, in this journey!

Do share with me any other topics you are keen to know more, and I could add to the blog.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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